So Many Delicious Gluten Free, Vegetarian, & Vegan Options!

Here at Gaia your meals are not just an afterthought!

Gaia is an LGBTQ

Safe environment!

Here at Gaia we try hard to impact the environment as little as possible!

Guilt Free Takeout! 

Our takeout containers and straws are fully compostable or recyclable

Our Fryer oil is reused as biofuel

In Greek Mythology,
Gaia was the Goddess of the Earth,
the ancestral Mother of all Life
The "Gaia Theory" is that all organisms on a
life giving planet are themselves responsible for regulating the conditions that make life on the planet possible

Hours of Operation

Monday ~Closed

Tuesday ~ Closed

Wednesday ~ Closed

Thursday ~11 am-7 pm

Friday ~ 11 am-9 pm

Saturday ~ 11 am-9 pm

Sunday~ Closed


Call for takeout or Reservations!

222 Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, B5A 1C6