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We are passionate about food, and we are happiest when we are feeding others fresh, flavorful, healthy meals. We come to work every day totally jazzed to offer Yarmouth something new and fresh and to expand our restaurant menu all the time.


Sebastien Milot

Owner / Head Chef

Chef Sebastien Milot fell in love with the culinary field while baking bread with his mother and barbequing with his father.

​He attended Whilbrod Bherer in Quebec city where he completed his culinary management course with honours. 

Post graduation, Chef Milot traveled to Lyons, France to complete an internship at Hotel Le Congres where he was able to implement and practice his culinary skills.

Chef Milot has worked at various establishments, from his hometown near Campbellton, NB, to Toronto, where he lived and worked for 13 years. This gave him a vast range of experience in various types of cuisine.


With a variety of experiences under his professional belt, Chef Milot felt ready to pursue new experiences and made the decision to move back to the east coast.

Hannah Rhyno-Milot

Owner / Manager

Yarmouth has always been home to Hannah Rhyno-Milot.

She grew up watching her parents' entrepreneurial spirit.

It was in her family's coffee shop "Joshuas Fine Coffee & Ice Cream" that Hannah first experienced the hospitality industry, catering to tourists and locals.

She went on to attend a two-year program in Hotel Restaurant Management. Post-graduation Hannah worked

as a server at Dooly's, and after two years was promoted to manager.

Hannah moved on to become office manager at  R.C. Communications and enjoyed her time there for 15 years.

Her love of the hospitality industry never died and she is now happy to work with her husband Sebastien, offering wonderful food and service to their guests. She loves sourcing out new recipes and menu ideas and working with Sebastien to fine-tune the flavour and presentation

of their offerings.

Hannah 2022.jpg

Our Dedicated Team

The staff at Gaia Global Kitchen truly makes all the magic happen, day in and day out. Our outstanding employees are a big reason why diners love coming back. Read about the fantastic team below.


Tia Maria Pitman

" Often heard saying "Sweet niblets!"  or " Oh Mylanta!" Tia is our Diningroom Manager best known for her Betty Rubble laugh, and providing a sunny, happy atmosphere and unforgettable service at Gaia since 2018.

Dwayne Falls

I'KimDwayne is the new Chef at Gaia, and his many years of experience are a welcome addition to the Gaia Team!

Kim 2022.jpg

Kim Miller

Kim AKA "The Cheesecake Lady" rocks our salad / dessert station, and is responsible for the beautiful desserts and friendly messages often seen on takeout packages.

Kim has been with us since 2019,

Kim makes the best cheesecakes, she is an organization goddess,

and always sends out beautiful looking starters and desserts.


Brenda Dunham

Brenda started out washing dishes at Gaia back in 2019, and is now working as a prep cook, Brenda is a hard worker, nothing slows this woman down!


Haley came to Gaia as a summer student and she is a natural at making our guests feel welcome! Haley has also been known to celebrate every app or dessert she gets to make

Haley Titus

Sam 2022_edited.jpg

Sam Rhyno

Our son Sam has been there from the beginning of the business, has worked at caterings, on the food truck, and is now an experienced line cook & our master of Fish & Chips! He continues to learn & grow his skills within the kitchen.

Kayden Roberts

Kayden is  a new member of the Gaia team, fitting right in  

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